Good figurative art is the result of a collaboration between two artists: a model; and a person interpreting the statement she is projecting with her body.

A good model is a performance artist, who seriously studies, and develops a mastery of expression through anatomical orientation. A great model brings compelling expression to art, if she is magnificent, her message radiates. She isn't simply the focal point of an artists eye, she is a creator, instigator, collaborator.

I work with my models to find poses that enhance their natural beauty. We spend many hours searching for the right pose, then many more in the creation of our sculpture.  There is easily 100 hours in the creation of one of my small scuptures. But, that is only the beginning. Once I have created a sculpture, casting copies of the original is a complicated process requiring the efforts  of many skilled artisans.  I discuss that process on the next page.


Bringing Scupture to Life